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CIRM Awards Institute $1.5 Million Training Grant

The Salk Institute has been tentatively awarded a training grant that represents a portion of the $58 million approved January 29 by the governing board of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM).

Under the direction of Salk professor Juan Carlos Izpisúa Belmonte, the Institute will receive $1.5 million to fund postdoctoral fellows who are conducting stem cell research. The 29-member Independent Citizen's Oversight Committee voted to support 26 grants pending future financial availability. The ICOC said CIRM can fund all existing commitments through September of 2009.

"This CIRM grant is important for the training and further development of the next generation of postdoctoral fellows who will carry the stem cell research field forward," Belmonte says. "The grant also benefits the Salk as a whole since it provides opportunities for further collaborations on new projects between different scientists throughout the Institute."