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Venice offers picturesque setting for inaugural Salk Summit

Venice, the city of bridges, served as a beautiful backdrop for this year's inaugural Salk Summit, which was graciously underwritten by Dr. Frederik Paulsen. The four-day summit, which took place June 14-17, included scientific presentations and interactive discussions with eight of Salk's esteemed faculty, as well as talks by Salk leadership about the future of the Institute.

Riveting scientific presentations given throughout the summit ranged from "Human Disease Modeling and Aging" and "Policing the Immune System" to "New Frontiers in Cancer" and "Technology, Cells and Organogenesis." Open discussion sessions with Salk faculty were incorporated into the program, providing a unique platform for conversations on a variety of science-related topics. Presenting Salk faculty included: Janelle Ayres, Rusty Gage, Martin Hetzer, Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, Greg Lemke, Clodagh O'Shea, Alan Saghatelian and Reuben Shaw.

The Salk Summit was open to major individual and foundation donors who, through their ongoing support, have helped make the Campaign for Salk extraordinarily successful.