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Inaugural meeting of Salk Institute Council offers a new way to engage with the Institute

Institute Council Co-Chairs Diana Kalman and Rich Heyman

The inaugural meeting of the Salk Institute Council, held May 12-14, attracted a roster of more than 50 attendees who gathered to learn more about the Institute. Salk Institute Council co-chairs Rich Heyman and Diana Kalman, along with faculty liaison Reuben Shaw, put together an exciting and robust program focusing on the continuum of Salk science from the early visionary years to the present and beyond.

The mission of the Council is to advocate on behalf of Salk science by focusing on leadership development and fundraising through the meaningful engagement and active participation of its members.

The meeting kicked off with “Bio 101” by Salk’s award-winning Education Outreach team, Ellen Potter and Dona Mapston, who focused on the basic science underlying the various research areas represented by Salk scientists. Additionally, nine Salk faculty members as well as postdoctoral researchers gave presentations on topics ranging from breakthroughs in science to creativity and the intersection of disciplines. Chief Financial Officer Kim Witmer and Vice President of External Relations Rebecca Newman also presented an insider’s view of Salk’s operational strategy. Finally, Salk Board of Trustees Chairman Irwin Jacobs closed the meeting with an inspiring talk about his career in innovation as well as why he was drawn to Salk.

The program offered many opportunities such as these for participants to take a behind-the-scenes peek at the inner workings of the Institute. In addition to the access attendees were granted to the Institute’s scientists Representatives from the Marshall Heritage Foundation and Legacy Foundation with Samuel Pfaff and Eric Brunstad and Salk community, there was also an opportunity to tour Salk’s Stem Cell Core and Waitt Advanced Biophotonics Center Core.

Claudia Ehrlich, senior director of External Relations and staff liaison for the Council, noted, “The meeting offered many ways for attendees to engage with the innovative work being done at Salk, from the science to the business and leadership. Our hope is they all came away invigorated and inspired to deepen their engagement with the Institute.”