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Teachers seize rare opportunity to tour Salk labs


For 32 teahcers who had travelled to San Diego in January to attend the Murdock Trust Partners in Science conference, an invitation from Salk's Education Outreach department to tour several labs at the Institute was too good an opportunity to resist. After visiting the Next-Generation Sequencing Core, Stem Cell Core and Plant Biology Laboratory, the group's consensus was that the tour was both informative and inspirational. In a follow-up letter, one teacher wrote, "I was left in awe after the visit. The ease with which [the researchers] conveyed the purpose and function of their respective areas of study in an understandable manner for novices was exceptional." Introducing cutting-edge science to the community is the ongoing mission of the Education Outreach department. Supported by donor contributions, its programs play a key role in kindling a passion for scientific research.