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New York Salkexcellerators: Supporting scientific discovery

More than 50 guests attended the NY Salkexcellerators private reception and scientific presentation, which was held April 26 at the spectacular Norwood Club, a landmark townhouse in the city.

The evening began with Salkexcellerators member Kurt Cellar speaking on his role in philanthropy and the importance of supporting scientific discovery. Cellar, a Chartered Financial Analyst, private investor and successful consultant and board member to companies in a variety of industries, first became involved with the Salk Institute in 2008 after a visit to the campus with his wife, Maggie, and their sons. Impressed by what they learned on their tour, the Cellars made the Salk Institute one of their significant charities since they felt "the Salk is the right group to back and will do amazing things over our lifetime." The Cellar family also generously underwrote the evening's event.

The discussion was followed by an engrossing lecture titled "Naming the Emperor: Linking Development, Stem Cells and Cancer," presented by Geoffrey M. Wahl, a professor in the Salk Gene Expression Lab. W ahl studies the cellular and genetic underpinnings of breast cancer, working with clinical oncologists to derive better diagnostic and prognostic tools based on the genes expressed in stem-like cells, which his lab has shown are present in some of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer.

Impacting human health through scientific discovery depends on the vision and generosity of philanthropists. For more information about future Salk events in New York City, please contact Betsy Reis at 858-452-8051 or