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A record-setting year for fundraising

The Salk Institute's development team has set a historic milestone, raising nearly $50 million this fiscal year. That amount is the most money ever raised annually at the Institute.

Switzerland's Ferring Pharmaceuticals made a major commitment to the Institute with a gift of $10 million. Salk board member Frederik Paulsen, chairman of Ferring's board of directors, played a pivotal role in securing the gift on behalf of the Institute.

"There are few places like the Salk that exist in the world," he said. "It is our responsibility to humanity that the research is supported. It's the work of Salk scientists that leads to the development of improved therapies and treatments for diseases that plague us today."

$3.5 million from the Ferring Pharmaceuticals gift will fund the Frederik Paulsen Chair in Neurosciences and the Françoise Gilot-Salk Chair, of which scientist Greg Lemke has been named the inaugural holder.

Lemke's lab focuses on the role that TAM receptors play in immune regulation. These receptors, which were discovered by Lemke's team, are central inhibitors of the innate immune response to bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.

The remaining $6.5 million will be designated to support the highest scientific priorities at the Institute.

"The support from our donors worldwide is a testament to the highest quality of our science and the lasting impact our discoveries will have on future generations," said Rebecca Newman, vice president of development and communications.

"We are deeply grateful, as these gifts will insure our scientists the necessary resources to continue their seminal research."

There are 22 endowed chairs at the Salk, 14 of which have been completely or partially funded by Irwin and Joan Jacobs. As part of the historic fundraising surge this year, the Jacobses generously contributed an additional $10.5 million in support of Salk science.