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Third Breathing and Sleep meeting held at the Salk


Attendees of the Breathing and Sleep Symposium at the Salk Institute in October 2011. Visit the PolioToday website at

More than 125 guests, some from as far away as New York, attended the third annual Breathing and Sleep Symposium, held at the Salk Institute on October 29. The free symposium seeks to define neuromuscular breathing basics and empower people with post-polio syndrome (PPS) or similar motor neuron and neuromuscular disease issues to better participate in their own care.

The half-day event featured guest speakers, medical experts, nurses, therapists and vendors, who shared information and insights with the post-polio and professional care communities about breathing compromise caused by past polio. The meeting also highlighted the continued popularity of Salk's website.

Launched in August 2009 and featuring a steadily growing list of over 750 members from around the world, the site offers a forum for distributing important polio and post-polio–related information, while creating a crucial link for polio survivors worldwide to connect with one another using modern social networking capabilities. It also features video testimonials from polio survivors who share recollections about their personal battles with polio when they were young, their more recent diagnosis and management of PPS and how they are coping with their condition.

To become a member, join the site on or on

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Click here to view the videos of the presentations at the Breathing and Sleep conference>>