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Ipsen and the Salk Institute renew partnership to support cutting-edge research

Inder Verma

The Ipsen Life Sciences Program, led by Inder Verma, holder of the Irwin and Joan Jacobs Chair in Exemplary Science, will for a period of three years, sponsor four research programs through targeted and innovation grants. Ipsen will provide funding for targeted research programs on novel therapeutic concepts for the treatment of pituitary adenomas, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Innovation grants will fund the exploration of advanced scientific concepts. Verma is one of the world's leading authorities in cancer biology.

Over the last three years, the partnership between the Salk Institute and Ipsen has delivered significant scientific advances in the cancer field, such as the development of biological models mimicking human cancerous processes, as well as identification of specific cells driving tumor growth. In addition, the development of stem cell technology has opened up promising new vistas of research in neurodegenerative diseases.

Marc de Garidel, chairman and chief executive officer of Ipsen, stated, "At a time when the magnitude and scope of the life sciences revolution challenge the imagination, it is critical for a biopharmaceutical company to secure close links with the leading academic institutions worldwide. The collaboration between Ipsen and the Salk Institute perfectly fits in our new strategy of increased focus on our key assets, investment in growth levers and leverage of our footprint. By capitalizing on partnerships with first-class research organizations, Ipsen will strengthen its links with the medical and scientific community so as to develop innovative therapies tailoring the needs and expectations of patients and physicians."