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High School Science Day Marks 21 Years

High School Science Day

A student loads a protein mixture into a gel to separate the proteins based on size, as Charisse Crenshaw (right), a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Joseph Noel, and another student look on.

Not even a powerful winter storm was strong enough to keep 200 high school students from the Salk Institute's 21st annual High School Science Day . The February 26 event, which attracted budding scientists and their teachers from 18 area schools, opened labs throughout the Institute to the young people, who collectively were guided through 28 different hands-on lab a ctivities and presentations by nearly 50 Salk scientists. Each group visited two labs before rejoining the full contingent of attendees for lunch. Following the meal, assistant professor Satchin Panda presented his latest research on circadian clocks, and participants received a special commemorative High School Science Day T-shirt before heading home.