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Salk Service Awards Ceremony Honors More Than 140 Staff Members During Luncheon

Salk Service Awards

The Institute hosted its first ever Salk Service Awards Ceremony in honor of more than 140 staff members who had achieved between 10 and 45 years of employment. The Sept. 9 luncheon took place at the Institute where President Bill Brody, Academic Council Chair Greg Lemke and Master of Ceremonies Walter Eckhart thanked those in attendance for their hard work over the years.

"Our strength is the dedicated service of all of you," Brody said. "You are the reason why Salk is so successful."

Lemke spoke about non-academic departments at the Institute and gave examples of how each contributed to research before saying: "It takes more than the cadre of scientists to reach the level of our success. It takes the work of a broader group of people who are represented here today."

After the luncheon each of those being honored were called by name and invited to the stage where they were photographed with Brody and Lemke. The Hypotheticals, a singing group composed of Salk employees and scientists, provided comical entertainment with spoofs of television show tunes from the decade in which each group of honorees began their employment at Salk.

The ceremony, which will be an annual event moving forward, concluded near the Institute's Theodore Gildred Court, where Executive Vice President Marsha Chandler unveiled a series of red bricks that had been engraved with the names of those who had achieved 25 years or more of service.

"This is a new tradition to honor those of you who have served the majority of your careers at Salk," Chandler said. "The names engraved on these bricks represent a truly special group. They are members of the Salk family who have shown steadfast dedication to your work and to the Salk Institute, and for that we thank you."