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BD InFlux™

The Becton-Dickinson Influx™ cytometer is a state-of-the-art, 13 parameter 5-laser high-speed jet-in-air cell sorter.

BD InFlux

Excitation Sources

  • 355nm 60mW - 2 detectors (460/50BP, 670/30BP)
  • 405nm 100mW -2 detectors (460/50BP, 520/35BP)
  • 488nm 200mW - 2 detectors (530/40BP, 692/40BP)
  • 561nm 150mW - 3 detectors (593/40BP, 670/30BP, 750LP)
  • 640nm 120mW – 2 detectors (670/30BP, 750LP)

To achieve very sensitive, low noise electronics, the BD Influx system uses analog electronics in the first stage of signal amplification. The output of the analog peak and hold circuitry is digitized using 16-bit ADCs and placed on a patented parallel processing digital bus. The bus handles real-time compensation as well as other digitized signals, including area and width of up to 8 additional pulses.

The Influx has several nozzle sizes available to accommodate a variety of particle sizes and can sort 6 populations simultaneously (for suitable sample types). Cells may be sorted into a variety of tube types or multiwell plates (e.g. 384 well).

Additionally, the BD Influx™ is equipped with an aerosol management option; air is drawn away from the operator through a HEPA filter, reducing the amount of aerosols in the sort chamber for an added level of safety.

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