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FACS Vantage SE DiVa

The Becton-Dickinson FACS Vantage SE DiVa is a high-speed multi-color multi-laser cell sorter.

Excitation Sources

  • Coherent I-300 argon-ion laser: 100 mW at ~350 nm
  • Coherent CUBE 405 solid state laser: 100 mW at 407 nm
  • Coherent Sapphire 488nm solid state laser: 200 mW at 488 nm
  • Coherent Sapphire 568nm solid state laser: 200 mW at 568 nm
  • Coherent CUBE 640 nm solid state laser: 100 mW at 642 nm

3 lasers may be used simultaneously: 4 colors may be detected from the primary 488 nm laser, 2 colors from the UV laser, or 407 nm laser (but cannot use both UV and 407 simultaneously), and 2 colors from the 568 nm or 642 nm laser (but cannot use both 561 and 642 simultaneously).

Two scatter parameters and up to 8 fluorescence colors may be collected per cell.

Becton-Dickinson (BD) DiVa™ digital electronics enable generation of pulse height, area, and width for all 10 detected parameters. The instrument is equipped with BD TurboSort™ allowing cell sorting at high speeds. Regular or large cells may be sorted. DiVa™ electronics allows sorting of up to 4 populations simultaneously, or cells may be sorted into multiwell plates.

Important: We will not sort into TRIzol or other phenol based medium. If you wish to collect cells for RNA, please use Qiagen RNALater or RLT buffer.

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