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Enrichment and Safety Perch for Rodent Cages

Inventors: Graig Palma, Jon Reuter, and Steve Berry
Potential Uses:

This invention provides a safety platform for standard rodent cages that also increases the square footage and enriches the cage environment for the animal

Current standard mouse cages are comprised of a plastic bottom, filter top, and a wire bar lid that is designed to hold food and a water bottle. Currently, however, cages are not equipped with an additional safety device that would protect animals from flooding and death due to water bottle leakage or aggressive cage mates. This invention provides a safety platform for mouse cages that would protect against such threats. It is comprised of a stainless steel perch that fits a standard mouse cage with an Allentown lid. The perch is fully sanitizable, durable, and modular, so two may be stacked to create a double perch within one cage. In addition to providing protection, the perch also has the benefit of increasing the square footage within the cage and further enriching the environment.

Salk No: T09022
Patent Status:
License Terms: Material Transfer Agreement only
Contact: Michelle Booden, Ph.D., Director of Licensing, 858.453.4100 x1612,

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