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Inventors: Ronald Evans, Hung-Ying Kao, Michael Downes, and Peter Ordentlich
Potential Uses: Gene Expression, Oncology, Drug Discovery

The histone deacetylases are involved in cell-cycle regulation and differentiation and have been implicated in repression of gene expression. The invention relates to the identification, isolation, sequencing and characterization of a new member of the histone deacetylase family, as well as its transcripts, gene products, associated sequence information, and related genes. The invention also relates to methods for detecting and diagnosing carriers of normal and mutant alleles of these genes, methods for detecting and diagnosing diseases such as cancer, methods of identifying genes and proteins related to or interacting with such genes and proteins, methods of screening for potential therapeutics for diseases, methods of treatment for diseases and to cell line and animal models useful in screening for and evaluating potentially useful therapies for diseases.

Salk No: S00021
Patent Status: U.S. Patent Number 6,673,587 issued January 6, 2004
Publications: Genes Dev 14(1):55-66 (January 2000)
License Terms: Nonexclusive licenses available

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