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Nerve Regeneration: Compositions and Methods

Inventors: Sun Tsung-Chang and Kuo-Fen Lee
Potential Uses: CNS, Nerve Growth and Regeneration
Methods and compositions for promoting nerve growth and/or regeneration, including what is believed to be the first demonstration of locomotor functional recovery following a complete spinal cord transection.

The central nervous system (CNS) has a limited capability to repair itself, to a large extent because regeneration is impeded by various nerve outgrowth inhibitors. Compositions and methods that suppress these inhibitory mechanisms, and/or enhance neurotrophic mechanisms, are needed to overcome, at least in part, the limited ability of the CNS to recover from injury.

This invention demonstrates that the protein p45 promotes rapid regeneration of nerves of the CNS, most dramatically illustrated by corticospinal tract (CST) nerve regeneration in a living adult p45-overexpressing transgenic mouse subject following a complete spinal cord transection. This remarkable discovery, as well as mapping of p45 functional regions, enables compositions and in vivo and in vitro methods for promoting nerve growth and/or regeneration. It has also been determined that this is accomplished, at least in part, via a protein-protein interaction with p75. This discovery makes possible methods of screening for agents that affect the p45-p75 complex and thereby have the potential to promote regrowth of neurites, axons, and nerves. The invention also describes pharmaceutical compositions comprising a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier and an isolated polypeptide.

Salk No: S05002
Patent Status: U.S. Application Published as 2007-0004628A1
PCT Application WO07-002306A1
Publications: No publications to date
License Terms: Exclusive, Partially Exclusive, Nonexclusive license negotiable
Contact: Michelle Booden, Ph.D., Director of Licensing, 858.453.4100 x1612,

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