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Gain an inside look at the Institute’s latest research by joining the Salkexcellerators.

Salkexcellerators are community members in San Diego and New York City who share a commitment to supporting scientific discovery at Salk. Members receive invitations to private receptions and scientific presentations on the most critical health-related issues of the 21st century.

Meet the 2016 Salkexcellerators Fellowship recipient, Conchi Estarás

Conchi Estarás works in the lab of Kathy Jones, professor in the Regulatory Biology Laboratory at the Salk Institute. Estarás' work is currently focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms involved in human pluripotent stem cell differentiation toward cardiomyocytes. Human induced cardiomyocytes hold great promise for regenerative medicine of the heart. Nevertheless, before we can use induced cardiomyocytes to repair damaged hearts we need to overcome several barriers. Estarás is working on understanding the molecular processes involved in the generation of cardiomyocytes, which is essential to understanding the functioning of these cells and, in turn, to ensuring the safety of patients in the future. She is also exploring new protocols to improve the number and characterization of functional cardiomyocytes that will contribute to the development of stem cell therapies for heart disease.

Salkexcellerators Fund

Salkexcellerators support a restricted fund that provides an annual fellowship for talented Salk postdoctoral scholars. 100 percent of your contribution will provide support for salary, supplies and travel expenses. Salk scientists are making ground breaking discoveries that lead to new diagnostics, therapeutics and cures.

Amy Rommel

Fellowship Recipient 2015
Verma Lab

Jelena Ostojić

Fellowship Recipient 2014
Montminy Lab

Jonathan Nassi

Fellowship Recipient 2013
Reynolds Lab

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Director of Annual Giving
Phone: (858) 453-4100 x1521

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