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Center for Nutritional Genomics

Ronald Evans
Ronald M. Evans
Professor and Director, Gene Expression Laboratory
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
March of Dimes Chair in Molecular and Developmental Biology
858-453-4100 x1302

"Our lab is interested in understanding the molecular genetics of metabolic disease and inflammation, including atherosclerosis and diabetes as well as cancer, and using this information to devise cures for their treatment. By tinkering with a metabolic program in muscle, we stumbled upon ‘exercise in a pill.’ "

Marc Montminy
Marc R. Montminy
Clayton Foundation Laboratories for Peptide Biology
J. W. Kieckhefer Foundation Chair
858-453-4100 x1394

"Obesity is a major risk factor in the development of adult-onset diabetes, which is characterized by the inability of cells in the body to respond to insulin. By studying key genetic switches that control food intake and metabolism, we hope to identify molecules that will be amenable to drug therapy for insulin-resistant individuals."

Reuben Shaw
Reuben J. Shaw
Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory
858-453-4100 x1258

"When a normal cell runs low on energy, it won’t divide, but in some cases, cancer cells can override the built-in shutoff. The same cellular brake helps cells and organisms adapt their glucose metabolism. I am particularly interested in understanding the molecular link between cancer and metabolism since it embodies a critical intervention point for future therapeutics."



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