Scientific Initiatives

Salk scientists work to decipher the basic biological systems that keep us healthy or break down in the case of injury or illness. They are making rapid advances in several significant areas of research.


Scientists are pursuing several promising avenues in cancer research, including identifying cellular pathways of growth and metabolism in tumors, to unravel how cancers override cellular controls and developing intelligent nanomachines that diagnose and destroy cancers.
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Dynamic Brain

Salk scientists study multiple neurons simultaneously to chart dynamic connections—a key step in understanding complex brain disorders, such as schizophrenia and autism, diseases and injuries that impair movement, vision and cognition.
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Healthy Aging

Drawing on their in-depth knowledge of age-related diseases and biological pathways, Salk researchers are working to understand the common mechanisms of aging to help people enjoy a high quality of life in their advanced years.
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Genomic Medicine

The possibilities in genomic medicine are enormous, but they depend on understanding how genes and environmental factors work together to produce disease. Genomic research at Salk is aimed at identifying common genes and signaling pathways activated in all chronic diseases and at uncovering new targets for therapies.
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Plant Science

Salk plant biologists are unravelling the molecular mechanisms of plant growth, reproduction and development. This crucial science will make agriculture more efficient, productive and sustainable and is helping to explain human diseases and discover new therapies.
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In Pursuit of Answers