Endowing the Future

To support leading scientists providing answers to life’s most vexing health questions, the Salk needs to build a robust unrestricted endowment. Salk scientists push the boundaries of knowledge and their explorations take them in unexpected directions. This adventurous science, and the revolutionary discoveries that result, can only happen at a nimble research institution. Endowment funding provides the financial flexibility for Salk to adapt and thrive as technology, science and human needs evolve.

A gift to unrestricted endowment is a long-term investment in the Salk’s mission and in the work of our investigators, providing the personal satisfaction of creating a lasting legacy that will ensure seminal discoveries at the Salk for generations to come. It provides the Institute the ability to be agile, to respond to changes in government funding, and to address priorities as they arise.

Unrestricted endowment funds enable us to recruit generation after generation of exceptional postdoctoral fellows to advance the work of our labs and also enable us to outfit those labs with the latest instruments and equipment. They will help us plan for the future with greater precision, while providing the flexibility to meet unexpected needs and opportunities.

Unrestricted support also provides leverage for seeking other crucial sources of funding that are restricted to specific research areas, such as federal science grants, by demonstrating a sound financial basis to support the best science. Collectively, these enhancements will help accelerate the pace of Salk innovation and discovery, now and well into the future.


In Pursuit of Answers