A Healthier Future

Tomorrow’s diagnostics, therapies and cures are advancing today in the world’s most innovative biomedical research laboratories. Every new discovery is based on one that came before. Every cure has a starting point. And at Salk, we are that first, sure step toward making cures a reality.

The currency of science is discovery, and Salk is dedicated to making historic, biological breakthroughs of the kind pioneered by Jonas Salk when he conquered polio. Salk scientists explore how diseases work, and for over 50 years, the wide-ranging scientific inquiry of the Institute has yielded a steady flow of life-changing discoveries, resulting in direct human impact in areas as diverse as cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, metabolic diseases, ALS, schizophrenia, spinal cord injuries, crop yields and how we tackle world hunger.

Home to five faculty Nobel laureates and 14 members of the National Academy of Sciences, the Salk publishes broadly and has mentored and trained more than 2,700 scientific leaders worldwide. Impact studies by ScienceWatch, measuring scientific citations, have ranked Salk scientists among the world’s leaders in neuroscience, molecular biology, genetics and plant biology. SCImago Institutions Rankings has named it one of the top five research institutions worldwide.

The Salk Institute has achieved these distinctions by remaining agile and exceptional. We’ve never been afraid to change direction to keep pace with the latest advances and technologies. We’ve always been proud of our unwavering commitment to excellence. And now, on the cusp of a new scientific era—shaped by a flourishing knowledge of genomics, epigenetics, stem cells, revolutionary imaging tools, and bioinformatics, all of which give rise to powerful new techniques for studying human disease in the laboratory—Salk is uniquely positioned to lead all of us to a healthier future.

Taking this next step will require unprecedented financial resources— $300 million to continue to recruit exceptional faculty who are experts in emerging fields and support them with state-of-the-art labs, the latest technology, and invite postdoctoral fellows uniquely trained to work in a multidisciplinary environment to join them. This first-ever Campaign for Salk will also seek to build an unrestricted endowment to ensure the Institute’s ability to continue the high-risk, high-reward research for which it is renowned.

Salk is a small institute with global impact. When Salk faculty, the scientific leaders of our time, share why they chose to come to the Salk, they often say it’s because they can do “real” science here. Because they can pursue daring, innovative research— the kind of research that would be difficult at larger institutions. The Salk gives them the freedom and support to follow their instincts, explore non-traditional leads, and pursue the unpredictable.

The Campaign for Salk will ensure that we continue our tradition of groundbreaking discovery. When you support Salk, you support scientific excellence that will impact human health for the next fifty years. When you support Salk, you support progress everywhere.

In Pursuit of Answers