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Ready, Set, Pink!

Ready, Set, Pink

Bloomingdale's together with the Salk Institute and Breast Cancer Research Fund (BCRF), teamed up on October 25, 2012 to raise awareness for breast cancer. At the store's second annual Ready, Set, Pink! event at the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego, Salk scientist Geoffrey Wahl welcomed guests to a Fall Fashion Cocktail Reception. Claire Johns from Geoff Wahl's Gene Expression Laboratory and Charisse Crenshaw from Joe Noel's Chemical Biology and Proteomics Laboratory were the scientist models who showed "From Lab Coat to Trench Coat" fashions. Salk staff along with members of the Wahl Lab interacted with shoppers and guests, sharing the Institute's story and ways the community could help support breast cancer research. Bloomingdale's selected Salk as the only research institution in San Diego to benefit from the proceeds raised from Ready, Set, Pink!



La Costa Glen retirement home

Jan KarlsederJan Karlseder, Ph.D. gave a presentation titled "Cancer and Aging." Karlseder spoke to a crowd of about 70 people about how the ends of our chromosomes, the telomeres, determine our life span, and how they can contribute to cancer development. He also gave an example of how our understanding of telomeres leads to the development of more effective cancer therapies.

For information about arranging a Salk scientist to speak at your organization, please contact:
Jen Rothrock at 858-453-4100.



SALK in the city... NEW YORK

Vickie Lundblad At two special events last November, New York friends of the Salk Institute had a chance to learn firsthand how their philanthropic investments are impacting groundbreaking research.The events, which took place in New York City for members of the Salk President's Club and NY salkexcellerators, both featured Vicki Lundblad, a professor in the Molecular and Cellular Biology Laboratory, who is renowned for her work in a fast-moving area of basic research called telomere biology.

To both audiences, Lundblad explained how telomeres, the very ends of chromosomes, play a crucial role in both cancer and aging. Each time our cells divide, a little bit of DNA is lost from the telomeres. Whether cells have a finite or infinite ability to proliferate is determined by the telomeres, which are tended to by an enzyme called telomerase. The limited number of divisions that telomerase-defective cells undergo eventually contributes to the aging process. Conversely, cancer cells have learned how to keep telomerase turned on all the time, and this fuels the unlimited cell division that is a hallmark of tumor growth.


SALKexCELLerators New York


Elizabeth Bennett, Carrie Hamerslag, Greg Rogers and Salk graduate student presenter Bari Braunstein-Ballew were among the many who attended the NY salkexcellerators event.

More than 60 guests attended the NY salkexcellerators dinner, which was held November 9 at the law offices of Covington and Burling. In addition to Lundblad, the program featured remarks by John Codey, trustee of the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust, and a member of the Salk Institute International Council, who has facilitated several generous grants to the Salk Institute. A special feature of the evening was a wine tasting hosted by Alexandra Elman of Alex Elman Wines LLC. Elman, who recently became involved with the New York salkexcellerators, has a personal interest in advancing basic biological research: in her late 20s, due to complications from diabetes, Elman lost her vision. Underwriters for the evening were Kurt and Margaret Cellar and Sylvester and Gillian Miniter.

The following day, some 70 friends of the Institute attended the "Salk in the City ...New York" luncheon which was held at The Modern restaurant, located in the Museum of Modern Art. Salk trustee Linda Chester and her husband, Kenneth R ind, underwrote the event. In addition to Lundblad's presentation, the occasion paid tribute to longtime Salk International Council member C. A. "Joe" Kalman, who passed away in 2010.

Impacting human health through scientific discovery depends on the vision and generosity of philanthropists. For more information about future Salk events in New York City, please contact Betsy Reis at 858-452-8051 or



Charlevoix, Michigan and Palm Beach, Florida

We had the opportunity to introduce Salk research to new friends across the country which is a very important component of Salk's outreach program, and we are grateful for the hosts who help organize and support these events.

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