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The Salk Institute’s leadership, which comprises the president, faculty, administrators and board members, drives the strategic direction of the organization. The leadership includes the Academic Council, the Senior Management Team, the Board of Trustees and the Non-Resident Fellows.

President’s Executive Message

Elizabeth Blackburn - President's Message

I am thrilled to be here at the Salk Institute, and it is my honor to address you as its new president. I’ve always had enormous respect for Salk and its well-earned status as one of the world’s leading research centers.

I’ve believed my whole life in the value of basic science, in the inspiring and deeper understanding it brings to our world and in its power to change lives. I marvel at my good fortune to be able to work every day with faculty and staff committed to just that. I hope we can challenge each other to think even more about what the Institute is and can be.

Great research centers are places where inspired creativity, collaboration and scientific freedom should thrive. Time and time again we have seen that the most surprising discoveries and innovations arise out of pursuing high risk, novel experiments and working with people outside our own areas of expertise. Salk is just such a special community where our researchers strive to transcend their limitations and broaden the boundaries of human achievement.

Being at Salk is also a bit of a homecoming. A non-resident fellow since 2001, I am now embracing even more tightly the Institute I have grown to love and where the responsibilities of administration will now be more meaningful to me than anywhere else.

In all that we do together in this technological age of science, I vow to work enthusiastically to maintain the excellence of the Salk Institute and lead into a truly promising future.

Elizabeth Blackburn, PhD
President, Salk Institute
Irwin M. Jacobs Presidential Chair

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